A Nice Sweet Getaway

September 25th is the release of an instrumental, ambient, shoegaze, psychedelic space rock album by La Cerca called A Nice Sweet Getaway. It was recorded on a 2 track recording device. The recorder was the inspiration. I have always enjoyed recording room sounds, so I experimented in placing the mic around the room in several different places and using different levels to varying results. However, the music I was making was turning out much better than expected. The tracks are live performances in the band house living room. 11 tracks. Fort Lowell Records http://fortlowell.blogspot.com/ will be releasing the digital album and you will be able to hear the music on all of the streaming services. A brand new Tucson record label, Watercolor Music will be releasing a CD with an extra track. More of on this later on. Photography by Kati Astraeir. Design by Mark Ohe.

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