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German Blog, Hey Tube talks about Gloomy Vista Way


La Cerca's music sometimes sounds like it was recorded in a dimly lit factory where circular saws screech. The guitars have no mercy. The bass drips as if from a rusted tap. But in the background you can see the width - the sound is so beautiful and exciting.

The six-member band from Tucson, Arizona, takes their time and gives their songs space. They let melodies float and guitars fade away. The beautiful sound is in the middle and around it is the width. Perhaps that is why your new album is called “A Nice Sweet Getaway ”. It sounds like that and has the instrumental “Gloomy Vista Way” ready as a bang - a song for eternity, a stroke of genius at the interface to pop, without flirting with the mainstream.

On the new work, La Cerca always find a wonderfully safe balance between guitar pop and never exuberant opulence, speed and contemplation, rock, psychedelic and shoegaze and are thus in the wake of Galaxie 500, Sonic Youth or Pavement. Your goal is not to change the world. They just want people to be a little warmer and have room to live. It's nice too.

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