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Gloomy Vista Way

I'd like to welcome you to check out the video of Gloomy Vista Way. It is the second single from A Nice Sweet Getaway which will be released, digital and CD, Friday September 25. Fingers crossed for a vinyl release, although it is not certain. This music was made from the spring of 2014 to the early spring of 2015. I did not intend for it to be an album but a series of recordings. I wanted to communicate emotions through music, but I was also experimenting with loop pedals and a two track recording device. For example, this track started bright, so I moved the microphone closer to make it darker sounding. This was also my first attempt at making a song playing the pedal steel. After I had made these recordings, I sat on them, just thinking about the music and the recordings and how I could improve the music. I went into a studio, and tried to capture what I was doing, but I felt that the initial recording was going to be hard to top. Where all the "flaws" and weird areas of these tracks listenable? It's a noise record after all... Also, I felt very vulnerable. Each track is very personal and provides an organic insight in the making of the music. Feedback has meaning, every sound is intentional. The other reason for the delay of this material was that in the grand design of La Cerca, it was not the right time. What made it the right time? This day and age of covid-19 brought introspection, but it was becoming a great soundtrack for a very strange time. Another reason is that the next project is underway, but has a large body of material to record before we figure out what it is, so it may take awhile before we release another album (hopefully next year). The idea is to stay more visible and not have large gaps of time in between releases. I very much look forward to performing music like this in a live setting.

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