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New Song on Somewherecold - Hope For The Trevor Project

The new song "Gimme Some Myrrh" is on a compilation for a short period of time. On July 28, Somewherecold is releasing "Hope For The Trevor Project", a massive compilation in support of their work. 52 tracks by 52 artists for two months only. On September 29, the compilation and the fund raising campaign will end. All funds raised will go to The Trevor Project in order to prevent LGBTQ+ youth suicide.

Our track, "Gimme Some Myrrh", is a song we started playing occasionally at our live show in 2017, however, the song was mostly written around 2011. It is the first completely recorded song from the new batch of material we have been working. This song is also special because it is somewhat about my friend Sam Jayne (from Love as Laughter and Lync) who past December of 2020. Sam was a high spirited person who wrote and performed amazing songs, wore his heart on his sleeve and was a musical inspiration as well as a friend. More about the song in an upcoming post.

Andrew Gardner - Six String Bass, Voice , Song

Bill Oberdick - Electric Guitar

John Matzek - Drums

Sierra Norris - Flute

Jim Waters - Mixing Engineer

Jim Blackwood - Mastering Engineer

Recorded by La Cerca

Tucson, Arizona 2021

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