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(((((( LA CERCA ))))))

Follow-up album to the band La Cerca's previous release "Sunrise For Everyone". New songs and recording that is darker, louder, raw and even digging into deeper and darker subject matter. The album deals with the inspiration and the mysteries of nature. Change is always constant in life. More and more these days our world is corrupt power and the mad leading the blind and this album is reflective of the current times. Where "Sunrise" was pop, carefree and gentle, with the love songs as the main focus; "Night Bloom" creates a dark desert background with beautiful colors in the corners, if and only when you are looking. The night time in the desert summer can be very beautiful and that's when you can find the Cereus cactus flower blooming. Only once a night per year this cactus blooms with natural magic not unlike the tunes and image for the escaping listener of this album.
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